Floating Group - Float Relative To centre

Currently, for floating groups, we have the option to set the horizontal float position relative to either the left or right of the screen.

But there’s no option to position it centrally.

Now, especially with the new responsive engine and the possibilities it opens up, it would be very useful to have the option to position floating groups relative to the centre of the screen.


Did you found a way to solve that? I’m struggling with the same thing…

There’s a couple of simple ways to do it…

Personally, I think the simplest way is to just make the floating group full width (and transparent), then add whatever elements you want to be visible in the centre of that.

Doing that will make anything ‘behind’ the floating group unclickable though, so if that’s an issue for you you’ll need to add some simple custom CSS to the FG to fix that.

Another way is to add some CSS direct to the FG itself to make it centred (it won’t appear cantered in the editor though).

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Thank you very much for your explanations @adamhholmes !! I don’t understand why this doesn’t work for me, the background is set to none and I put the pointer event to none as well (see screenshots) but still the floating group is blocking the clicks through… Do you have a idea?

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 16.55.41

It looks like your html style tags are incorrectly formatted… you’ve got a space after the first < on both the opening and closing tags, which is incorrect syntax.

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Wow sharp eyes!! Thank you very much!

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