Unable to clear data in pop up

I have a pop up with a calendar using Air Date/Time Picker and once the user enters their dates and adds them, the pop up closes. But if they open the pop up again those dates will still be selected and I can’t figure out how to clear them. I’ve tried reset data, reset group, reset relevant inputs, clear dates in Air Date/Time. Nothing works except to refresh the page

Hi @ramzizi,
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In case you are using the newest plugin element AirDate/TimePicker v2, please try adding this workflow when the pop-up is open. → Clear selected dates AirDate/TimePicker v2.
This will reset the calendar selected dates each time the pop-up is opened.

See the screenshots below and please check the test demo page:

Hope it helps.
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That worked, thank you!

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Hi @ramzizi,
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Glad it worked.
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