Unable to initialise Pocket authorize call

Hi there,

I am trying to build a simple app to retrieve Pocket articles using Pocket Developer Program: Pocket API: Retrieve

I am stuck trying to authorize the Pocket API via the API Connector. I am following the instructions here:

Specifically I got as far as step 5.

The “authorize” API call initialization fails with a “400 Bad Request - Raw response for the API” error. I tried to change al the API connector params and nothing works. I am stuck so any help is appreciated. (see screenshots for how the app call is defined and the error)

Please note that I have not been able to successfully get this to work in POSTMAN either. I did manage to complete the authorization flow and retrieve articles via curl requests however.

My app can be found here

Thanks a lot in advance!

PS. Interestingly, the Call appears initialized (despite the error) so I can use in a workflow but then get an error at runtime. This could be a related bug?

If the call isn’t running in postman,l and in the editor that won’t work on runmod either. You should get it to work in postman first, that’s the very first step here.

If is has been initialized before it’s still accessible in workflows otherwise it’d be very messy as soon as you modify a call…

Were you able to get this to work?

Nevermind. Just read this in one of the links to pocket’s documentation:

“* All calls to the Pocket Authentication API should be POST - we do not support GET.”