Unable to search for a list of items (Database and Repeating Group search)

I have two data types.

  1. Food item
  2. Biz

The food data type has a field in it of type biz.It’s also a list. It’s basically a list of the different businesses that sell that specific food item

My goal: I want the user to be able to search for food items that are sold by X business. In other words, the user types the business name into input box A and the repeating group will then should show food items that have that business.

The problem lies here in the repeating group. See red.

I can not tell Bubble to check the inputted value in box A against the Food item’s Businesses List Test field (list).

Any ideas?

This is what the database looks like

See how Food Item: Spicy Carne Molida has as a field Businesses List Test, which are the biz that have that food item? I’m unable to filter through that field.

What type of field is “Business List TEST?”

It’s type Biz, which is another data type

If I understand your issue You could do it this way.you could Make the Repeating group a biz , but ensure that each business has a list of food items they already sell added to their profile or you have it linked in the database e.g under biz , one of the data types you have is 'a list of food items sold by biz" . then you can add a constraint where business name for example contains or equals input A’s typed text . I am not the best at explaining via text but I hope this helps…

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