Unable to set field = text

I’m working on a restaurant ordering project and encounter a problem.

CartItem data type:

  • Dishes (Dishes)
  • Quantity (number)
  • Sum (number)

Dishes data type:

  • Description (text)
  • Image (image)
  • Name (text)
  • Price (number)

Why can’t I reference my CartItem Dishes = Current cell’s Dishes’s Name? It works for Current cell’s Dishes’s Price.

If i were to use just CartItem Dishes = Current cell’s Dishes it will reference the uniqueID of the Dishes, which isnt exactly what I want.

If the type is Dishes, then you have to select a Dish and not the “Name” of a Dish. Only if the type was text that you could select the Dishe’s Name.

Why this is a problem?

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ahh so when the field type is “Dishes” I can only select “Dishes” data type instead of its fields such as dish name, price, description.

Thanks for the comment! Looks like I’ve gotta read up more on database and Bubble.

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