Unable to use Hyphen as part of Dynamic pages - NOT google friendly

It is a recommendation to use Hyphens and NOT underscores to better rank on Google. In the competitive world of SEO these things matter.

We have DYNAMIC pages; Pages that display content from the database in a template / repeating group. We could make these URL redable but it only takes _ or + but not Hyphen “-” as seperator. Does anyone know of a workaround .

We could do this: OurbubbleSite.com/Dynamic_Index_1/Dynamic_Page_1 …Dynnamic_Page_2 etc .

Want to do this : OurbubbleSite.com/Dynamic-Index-1/Dynamic-Page-1 …Dynnamic-Page-2 etc .

You can do it by reading the path in, and searching for that.

The above was a dynamically created page.

Hi @NigelG ,
I am trying to achieve the same.
I am following the steps which @john3 suggested in this post.

GOAL: I have a list of categories and related data in my database. And If user clicks on any of the category, we should able to fetch the data related to that category and show the URL as www.mysite.com/category/my-category

So I placed list of categories in one page using link elements and provided that with an external URL as websitehomeURL/category/currentcells category:find and replace: replacing space with hyphen (-)

I have used “Get data from page URL” and used find and replace: replacing hyphen (-) with space so that it makes a search to get the data of particular category.

Coming to my question, even I read the path I am not able to achieve it ?

Can you please help me out ?

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