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For some reason I cannot preview my repeating group element. I can see my sign up page, and other pages. However, the repeating group contains youtube videos and it will not let me preview it. Any suggestions? I’m not sure if I need to change something in my security settings. Any help is appreciated.

Can you show screenshots, or a link to your editor?


Could be an issue with the ‘data source’ of the repeating group - noticed there are 3 errors in the error checker, might be related.

Can you do a screenshot of the data source and type for the repeating group? If this is empty then it will render null results.

Those issues were on another page that I was creating during my screen share, but here is my data:

Hi @tiffany1,
could you take a screenshot of the repeating group’s data source?
To do this double-click the repeating group then take a screenshot.

Furthermore, show how you have set up your preview element by double-clicking it & then taking a screenshot.

Happy to help.


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A repeating group will come back blank if it has no data associated with. I wonder if this is what you mean by “no preview”.

Make sure your datasource actually returns a list of items to show in the repeating group.

If you are very new to Bubble, you will need to associate the repeating group with a list of things (type and datasource of the repeating group). For example do a DO SEARCH on the table “Fields for youtube videos”. Make sure you have values in that table. Go to the DATA tab and enter a couple of records and test again.

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Additionally, it looks like your have video display element. Make sure the video element has the reference to the value from the youtube video; the video ID.

BTW: You only need the last part of the youtube link; the video ID.

https:// youtu . be/ “wZR6QFE2m6o” (this is the video ID)


Yes, I do have all of that in place and it still doesn’t show a preview. I did a screen share with and she was able to get the preview on her screen using the data. However, we really didn’t have time to look into why it wasn’t previewing on my screen. She mentioned it could be something in my privacy settings, but I am not too sure what as I am able to preview other screens. She confirmed that the data was entered correctly.

Could it be a web browser extension blocking the videos?

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not seeing the data source of the repeating group, I would also recommend to look at the site in debugmode (add ?debug_mode=true to your URL at the end).
Maybe using the “inspect element”, you can see if the videos are not showing or something else is going on.

I am looking at it in debug mode. When I inspect the page, I don’t see the actual data source. I am completely stumped as to why this isn’t working. I just tried doing a repeating group with a text list and I cannot view it. I am able to view all other pages.

Problem solved. Thank you all for your help! I am sure I will be back with more questions.

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