Clearing the Undo / Redo history stack

I couldn’t find a way to clear the Undo / Redo history stack (make both Undo and Redo buttons disabled) or at least clear the history stack after deployment or saving a restore point.

For example, I deploy and then change one of the pages; Then I would like to undo back to the exact point where I started the changes and redo let’s say the first 5 changes. When I start redoing I can’t tell what is my exact position in the history stack - so i’m not sure which changes were reverted and eventually giving it up and restoring the app to a specific restore point, thus and lose many changes.

I wonder if there is a solution for this.

Hi there, @ruby… as the Bubble documentation mentions, you can undo changes that have been made since the last page load (although, I’m not sure exactly what they mean by page load, but a hard refresh and clearing your cache would almost certainly do the trick). To the best of my knowledge, that is the only way to clear the history stack.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc
Thank you for taking the time trying to help here.

I’ve read the documentation before and tried to refresh the page to clear the history stack without any success (including log in / out of bubble, working in incognito etc.)

I then found an old post form Bubble’s team suggesting that they’ve changed the logic and page reloading is no longer valid (although the documentation states it as a fact as per today):

Announcing another round of fun new features (Feb 2020)

“The history of previous commands that you can “undo” or “redo” will now persist across page refreshing, closing and reopening, and unexpected crashes - there is a limit of 50 previous undos and 10 redos that can persist (but if you keep the window open, the behavior is the same as today)”

I’ve also came across two more related / similar posts but there is no explicit solution there:

I guess there is nothing available, just hoping that Bubble team will add this small and helpful feature.


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