Unexpected scrolling action on page

I have an unexpected scrolling action where clicking on a date input scrolls up to higher in the page. There is no workflow on the date input field nor condition that would prompt a scroll, nor in the group that the date input field is in

But I do have a scroll workflow on a text element higher in the page to scroll to the group that the dateinput is in. If I scroll down the page first by clicking on the text input all is good and it scrolls as per the workflow to the lower group. I then click on my date input field and all works as it should.

My problem is that it appears to be also working in reverse without a workflow that I can see - that is if I manually scroll down the page to the group then click on the date input field it will scroll back up

Weird. Anyone have any ideas???

I remember this behaviour couple of weeks ago, and I finally remove some Bubble animation. It fix it.