"Unexpected server response" when uploading data

I’ve been trying to upload some mock data into the dev/test version of my app on a paid plan. After clicking the Validate button, the process gets through a number of records but always eventually gets tripped up on the location field (of type Geographic Address)…

The address in question is always perfectly valid. There are only 73 records, and it’s never gotten past record 19. The problematic record is seemingly random.

Anyone else seen this or know of another expedient way to get data into an app?

Ok, I had to make progress, so I managed to upload the records in batches of 10. (Thank goodness there were only 73 of them!) That was very tedious but easier than entering them one-by-one. :grimacing:

Here’s what I suspect might be happening…

Since the geocoding is presumably happening “on the fly” as the data are validated, I’m guessing that perhaps Google is rate limiting requests to the geocoding API, thereby leading to the “unexpected server response” by Bubble. Just a guess, but seems reasonable.

It would sure be nice if it worked with more records at a time though.

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