You Have exceeded the limit of 60 Geocode API calls per second

I have a client list and client editor. As part of adding a client you can enter the clients address which uses a Geographic places search.

Ive been running into problems where after entering a few clients with addresses I get the following error.

"General Error You have exceeded the limit of 60 Google Geocode API calls per second. To increase this limit, please enter your own API key in Settings… "

Did I miss something with the settings? I can’t imagine that I’m hitting the limit through normal data entry.

I think it is a shared call issue. you are timing out because lots of people are making calls to the map. I’m trying to switch over to having my own google map token (and fixing all the bugs that come with that). Ugh.

See this post for additional context. (The original post here pre-dates the change, but general points apply).

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