Upload CSV ERROR - you have exceeded the limit of 6 google geocode API calls per minute

Hi, I am trying to upload a CSV file with 350 records into the Bubble Database but get an error from the Bubble telling me the I’m making too many calls to the Google Geocode API.

One of the fields in the Table is a “Location” type field, so it seems that entering data into the Location field is triggering the API… why? I dont know…

NOTE: I have already

  1. Setup and entered my own API Keys from Google (as per the instructions here
  2. Entered Billing Information into Google Console
  3. Activated all appropriate APIs as per Bubble’s instructions
  4. I am on a PAID AGENCY Plan (does that matter? who knows?)

When I do, I get the following error message:
“ERROR: You Have exceeded the limit of 6 Google Geocode API calls per minute”

What is going on?

Hi @jon.mcgowan
Did you fin a solution to your problem? I’m having the same error message and can’t manage to get through it.
Let me know