When do we get an "Unhide All Elements" button?

It’s been asked before here… Can we just get a simple button to unhide all hidden visual elements in one click?

The pushback was, “Do we also show all popups?”

I would say no, since you can only work on one popup at a time. So the expected behavior would be to press this button and every non-popup visual element would be displayed. Bubble development guidelines recommend to not layer elements over each other (nesting is fine - layering is not), so under good design setups, clicking this button shouldn’t produce a mess of confusion within the visual editor.

The upside is saving a ton of time unhiding everything on single page apps every time we refresh the visual editor.


Yeah, I’m 100% on board with this - I’ve already created an Idea Board for it as well along with developing a concept for how this would work - And yeah, wouldn’t bring up popups.

Certainly people with SPA (single page applications) would LOVE this feature.

It’s time saving UI improvements like these that make big differences in my opinion. They could do one better by making it a hotkey like “Ctrl + Alt + A” or something like that. That way, you go to the page, hotkey, wham, everything is there.


Yes! :+1: on the hotkey idea.

Where is this storyboard you speak of? Do you have a mockup you can share?

@zelus_pudding Bubble Editor Ideas and Suggestions - #98 by w.fly

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Hearted to boost visibility

I too would love this!

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Is there any news on this feature ever happening? I have a page with over 80 elements that I have to unhide every time I work on that page.

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