Unknown Error "e.get_static_property is not a function"

Hi everyone

Im getting an error with the following code when trying to start a workflow by clicking an element: e.get_static_property is not a function

Have not seen this before. is this an issue on my side or a bug in bubble? Anyone familiar with this?

The errors does not occur if i delete the following WF step:

I think this somehow is caused by the RG last page check - but not sure why…

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This just crushed our app too! Also getting this error when trying to reference a page inside a repeating group. This is definitely the bug on the Bubble side.

@emmanuel - this potentially affects all apps that are using the function of referencing a page in a repeating group which sounds significant.

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ok good to know. filed a bug report

Seeing this as well. Seems to related to using workflows to advance pages in RGs for me

We had issues with repeating groups this morning, but our engineering team pushed a fix. If you’re still having trouble, please do submit a bug report!

Working now in my app. Thanks for handling this quickly

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