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Unresponsive editor

Over the last day or so the editor has been freezing intermittently - every few minutes - and the red label ‘Saving…’ would be stuck at the top without updating until I reload the browser. During this freeze periods existing workflows are not editable, and although it’s possible to create new workflows, editing is noticeably slower and any updates made during this time are lost when I reload the browser to activate existing workflows. Rebooting the machine only solves the problem temporarily until the next freeze, but there’s no problem with local memory capacity. Has anyone else noticed and managed to resolve a similar issue?

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Please email us with a way to reproduce if you see a pattern. Thanks

I have not identified a pattern for this issue yet so was hoping for an open knowledge share from anyone who’s encountered and resolved a similar scenario in their environment.

Also haven’t always had luck getting email responses so the forum seemed a good place to try to quickly crowdsource possible ways around general issues like this.

At the moment my editor is more or less unusable and I can’t drill into any workflows to find out where the problem lies.

Hey @wahome - I had the issue over the past couple of days. Today the editor is behaving OK for me, however it isn’t perfect yet - ran into some issues just a few minutes ago.

The worse over the past couple of days was when I lost my work of a week :slight_smile: I only later realised it was probably due to some editor issues Work lost on DEV - How do you manage / backup work?

I had sent @emmanuel an email - @emmanuel , I do think the editor is still struggling (from the last change you made to how the work is saved). It is better today, however it’s still not as good as it was 3 days ago.

We’re looking into it

We just deployed something that should help. Let us know

Yes, very odd things happenn

Like what? again, if you can send us a link and a way to reproduce that helps a lot.

OK - so I have just logged in and going to track the editor and write updates in real time.

  • When I launched the app, it took longer than usual to launch the editor

  • Editor successfully launched (after a tiny delay)

  • Saving first couple of changes - no issues

  • Deployed change to live - no issues found so far

  • so far so good @emmanuel - no saving issues or lag behavior in Editor. Will update if I spot something.

Loading might take a little longer indeed, but then things should be faster, especially in run mode (that was the main goal). Good it’s normal now

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Think it may well have been my machine, hence the issues typing. All good now.

I have observed two bugs in the editor on my end:

1 - The conditionality on some inputs is unavailable. By this I mean: I can not define the “When” input (as seen in my uploaded picture) - I can not even click this input. My cursor is a 4-pointed “maneuver” cursor

2- Sometime when prompting the color pallet (to change background color etc); the pallet is inaccessible. In my uploaded photo the color pallet is in a good spot - but I have experienced instances where the color pallet is located very low on my editor screen and cut off (Where I can not view all the colors / transparency margin)

Just Making it known!

That’s not good… can you email us at support?

The major issues I had with the editor’s responsiveness have been absent over the last day - thanks.

However this may be a good case where shedding a bit more light into the problem/fix would be valuable in building community trust, especially since a release was made in response to a specific issue raised openly. Just a brief line or two would do, nothing taxing.

The problem here was a bug in our newly released performance optimization. Not sure there is much to say here, the most important is, when you hit an issue like this obviously a bug, email us, so that we can fix it immediately. Communicating on new features is one thing, fixing bugs (which always happen, in software development, in spite of all our automated testing) is another thing.

For your two issues:

  1. In your first photo, you can’t edit the conditional tab of that input because that input is currently a specific style. (Notice where it says “Properties defined in the style xxxxx”) To edit the conditionals, you’ll need to either go to the style tab and edit it there, or remove the style on the input and edit that one specific input. (Don’t worry, removing the style won’t change the input.)

  2. I’ve had the same issue with the color pallet in the past. Usually this happens when the button to open the pallet is too close to the bottom of the screen. I usually fix this by either moving the gray/black window that I’m editing farther up the screen. If this doesn’t work, double-clicking on another element and then going back to the original one should work.

Hope this helped! :smile:


thanks for the clarification @emmanuel - the first line is perfectly sufficient for a release note in this case.

i understand bugs are a natural part of the building process, more so at this stage in the platform’s development, but that’s just why cultivating a culture of openly sharing issues and their fixes would be a valuable default human approach. at this stage in bubble’s evolution, given how impressively powerful the technology already is, community trust/empathy trumps features. people are essentially making a commitment to cede control of their life hopes and dreams to you as they invest time/energy/money building on bubble as a foundation. and once that commitment is made, everyone has a vested interest in making sure the foundation is solid in every way and stands over time.

at least that’s my primary motivation in supporting bubble; informed by painful scars over the years and seeing an opportunity to help create a truly empowering platform that could play a significant role in changing a broken software development industry.