Unstable Data Source

Anyone ever come across this error?:

Data source on repeating group is not stable, please fix or remove conditional data source. Some elements may be able to render and workflows may time out.

I’ve never seen this before today… It’s appeared in the debugger for several of my RGs - although they are working just fine, and the data sources seem perfectly fine to me (note the data sources all relate to a Property on a RE… although I have other RGs on other pages using the same datasource without this error)…

Anyone seen this before, or know what it means?

I’m sure you’ve checked this but does it mean that it keeps changing the data source because the validation of the condition keeps changing?

e.g data source is used elsewhere on page to display element, when that element is visible a different data source is used, and that other element isn’t visible when the different data source is used

@georgecollier it wasn’t exactly that… but a complex relationship between multiple elements and REs where part of the data source was ultimately some kind of circular reference (albeit about 7 nested layers deep).

So thanks for the point in the right direction :slight_smile: