Unwanted gap at bottom of live page after long repeatinggroup

I’m experiencing a page display problem. It feels like a bug, but I’m not sure.

Probably the easiest way to explain this is that I’m seeing a gap at the bottom of some pages, similar to what happens in the debugger, but it’s on a live page, after I switch from a long ext. scrolling repeating group to a short group.

I have a single-page format, turning groups on & off. On one group, I have an ext. scrolling repeatinggroup that can be long. The group that the RG lives in extends its height which makes that displayed “page” have a large height, so far so good. When I press back on the browser, that group gets hidden and the previous group is displayed.

The problem is that when the previous group is now displayed there is a large unwanted gray gap at the bottom of the page. Note it isn’t there when that page is first shown, only after it is displayed after the long group. If I refresh the page with the new, smaller group, the gap is gone.

It appears to me that bubble is drawing a long page to accommodate the long repeating group and then when that group gets hidden and another group becomes visible, the page stays in its long form.

Is there any way to fix this without a page refresh? I tried changing the data source of the RG and making it hidden when the group is hidden.

I’m happy to share my app, if necessary, but requires logging in and know where to click so I shot a quick loom showing the issue: https://www.loom.com/share/4c9a9b789dc04234b9d8b85d3ba38868

Hey @nedbrush

I can’t see any obvious culprits in the video alone, but I can say that an RG is not supposed to behave in that way. It should collapse just like any other group. Often, issues like these are caused by elements overlapping somewhere - even a single pixel can be enough.

Have you checked if this could be the case?

Thanks @petter. I can’t find any overlapping elements, and it is correlated to the dynamic height of the RG on the first page. In other words, if that RG has many items (and thus a large height), the next group has a correspondingly large gray space. The long RG is entirely in a group that is hidden when making the new group visible. I appreciate your suggestions though!

Ok, I see. I can take a look at your app if you want and see if I can find anything. You can PM me the link if you prefer to keep it private. Let me know if that’s an option.

Thanks! I DM’d you some info.

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