Unwantend horizontal scrollbar in vertical repeating group

So, I have the repeating group at the left that is inside a group that is inside a floating group, all three of the same size.

As you can notice, when you preview and scroll to the bottom of the repeating group, a horizontal scrollbar appears, which I do not want. Do you have any idea why could this happens?


I think that this is because your repeating group + the other side of the screen excels the screen size. I would try lowering the width of either side.

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@wknepp thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
hmm I tried to increase the size of the screen and leave some space between elements, but the issue still happens

Your floating group must have the exact same height of your page. :+1:

if you give Stroke to a floating group it happens. just make sure you don’t use any stroke for the floating group,( Stroke = border style = solid ) just make sure you don’t give it any border style
second, make sure your group inside floating group width is less than floating group * maybe just 2px )

I tried both of these tips, but they did not work out :frowning:

I tried this one, but it did not work out

ok, make sure your floating group has a fix width, then make sure the width of group inside it is less than the floating group width itself.

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