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Update a list based on a lists current selected cell

Hey I have a list being displayed based on another lists current cell. Essentially, I’m displaying the conversations in the left (red) list and the messages of the selected conversation in the right (yellow) list. See below screenshots:

The data is obtained from an external API call that brings back a list of all conversations of a user and within each conversation is a list of messages for that conversation. I have this api call running every second to capture new convos and messages.

My problem is this: My convos in the red update every second, but the messages in the yellow don’t update. I have to click a conversation in the red for the list of messages in the yellow to update. I need both lists to update every second.

How would you do this? Thanks!

I think the problem is that I’m displaying the current cell’s info in the right blue parent group, then getting the yellow list info from the parent group. The yellow list isnt updating because the blue parent group isnt updating. The blue parent group only updates when clicked.

How would you get the yellow list (messages) to update every one second, based on the red list’s (convos) current clicked convo cell?

I actually got this to work by putting the yellow list inside the red list, but then my page design gets all messed up because the red list becomes really tall due to the size of the yellow list.

Thanks for any generous help community!

Thank you for you post! Have you tried creating a Do every X second workflow to automatically update the data source of the blue group?

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