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↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode

Hey, @serhiiburbelo

  1. It’s not possible, because dragable shows only on visible elements in HTML.
  2. Can you make some screenshots of your WF and reorder RG Settings from Design Tab?

Regards Victor, EazyCode Team .

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Hey, @vovahumnytskiy , @luc.simp

Can you share some screenshots/video of the issue?

Best regards, Victor EazyCode Team !

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hi @nastasvictor

nice plugin, works nicely most of the time :smiley:

But its completely off when you enable the latest experimental future. After hours of debugging it looks like the plugin is missing one item from the list.

e.g. I have A,B,C,D in my list after a drag it sorted list items shows only A,C,D so its missing B hence all saving action etc does not work correctly

Hopefully its a simple and quick fix!


Is it still the case that if a second RG group is invisible at Page load you can’t make it draggable? Would love help with this (or any clever work arounds…). Thank you very much

I found a workaround. Set a condition to hide the repeating group when the whole page is loaded:

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I can’t get the order to work. Your demo’s are not even working for saving order in the database.

Easy fix. I gave up and purchased Drag and Drop from ZeroQode. Drag & Drop to Reorder RG Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

Hey All, we are working on global update now, will push update next week, sorry for that, also trying to adapt for new responsive now

Thanks for understanding

@eazycode how is the update coming along? Purchased this and its basically not functional now.

How are you supposed to update the ReOrderRG element with the new order when an item is deleted in the database without using the drag to delete feature? I thought using the “update” action would solve it, but it doesn’t work that way, apparently.

The only way to update the ReOrderRG Order state seemingly is to move an item. But it needs to update when things are deleted too.

Hey Bubblers, after testing by Our Team, all looks fine. Here are the demo and setup for WorkFlow. For better understanding, can You add more details about Your error, or add Your bubble editor.

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I have a users in my app where each user has a index_id. I would like to have a repeating group where I could drag users around and modify their index_id based on the order in that repeating group.

For example:
User 1 - index_id=1
User 2 - index_id=2
User 3 - index_id=3

If I move User 3 to position 1, the new index_id for this user should be 1

How can I achieve that?


Hey @cm1 , thanks

Answered to you by email,

Will reply here too, so if you have all list in one RG - it will be possible, to drag positions of Indexes

Hope it helps

Hey @cm1

Made what you looking for with Schedule WorkFlow

Here is editor view so you can reproduse

Hope it helps

Regards Pavel,

hi @nastasvictor @pavel

Since the version 21 is out… any potential fix for this? This is unfortunately still the issue that I find using the plugin with pre-rendering. After reorder its missing one Thing.

Any chance of fixing it? :pleading_face: Shame to lose a great plugin like this

Can someone please confirm for me – Can you or can you not save a repeating groups New order so when page is refreshed New order is still in place TIA