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↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode

I was reporting here our discussion with support, it was a long process, it doesn’t depend on us only, there was a few changes in Bubble that break the plugin, together we were trying to find which one exactly and how it can be fixed.

  • We have pushed an update that fixes the plugin for relatively new APPs

You can check our new demo page with the new update.

All apps created before a certain date/year still doesn’t work (like our old demo page), I don’t know the exact date but roughly 2 years ago. If the app is newer the update should fix it.

Thanks for nice plugin!

The demo page works well in desktop but in mobile (safari - iphone 11)
the element goes to only top or bottom.
The same thing happens in safari
( @J805 ](

Are there any plans to update this problem?


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What do we do if our app is older? I applied the fix and I thought it was working at first, but its no longer working. Any update is appreciated. thanks!

Is it possible to get a new link to bubble editor?

UPD: I’ve found myself Sortable | Bubble Editor

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Hello. Still having that issue. I have no empty rows and I tried your suggestion to wrap everything and collapse if empty. Still does that…

I’ve been looking for a way to store the new positions in my database, but it seems like there isn’t an easy method. Is this something you could help me with?

Hey @436tayfunsoylu275

Here are some notes, How to SetUp Saving in DB, new ordered Repeating Group:

Hope it helps

Regards Pavel, EazyCode Team !

Currently when I use “initial order” field, it still prefers the order that it receives the items from the database when I reload the page.

On a test page I created two repeating groups and made the second one use the order saved in the database. When I move items in the first RG and save the state in DB, the order changes in the second RG. However when I reload the page, it still isn’t showing the order saved to the DB. Is there something that I’m doing wrong?

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Hi, I have a two issues:

  1. I have 3 nested Repeating Groups and only first RG is visible on page load. Also have a button to open nested groups, but when nested RG is shown I can’t drag nested row. When all RG is visible by default - i can drag all of them. What the problem?)

  2. When i load a page i have a different order almost every time (sometimes it right order), i use the field “Initial order” and put a right data, but it doesn’t work propertly(

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I have exactly the same problem. Any updates on this one?

Hey @serhiiburbelo

  1. If Your second RG is invisible on page load, plugin can’t make this RG(second) dragable at the moment.
  2. After You finish sorting in RG, You must reset State of plugin

save reset RG

Regards Pavel, EazyCode Team !

Hi, @eazycode, thanks for reply :upside_down_face:

  1. Your phrase plugin can’t make this RG(second) dragable at the moment means that it could be drable or not? There is a way to avoid it?
  2. Yes, i do the same - use “reset State of plugin” after dragging, but order continue be different almost every time or just like without plugin :thinking:. And I try to use an action “Set new order ReorderRG A” but have the same result

P.S. I use alert on action “Reorder A New order saved” but it doesn’t show alert, so i decide it doesn’t executed. It’s a bug or I doesn’t understand how it action work?

@eazycode I am facing the same issue with the initial order, it gives me random order. Can you please fix it in the near future? Plugin is not usable until it is not fixed.

Hello guys, I’m trying this plugin and it looks great, specially the save list feature, but as I see in other posts when it saves the new order I get another order, not the one that is saved in the database. Could you please help me to set it up? I’m new to Bubble and I also get this error in the debugger. Please help me, this functions are vital for my app. Here is the error I get, Thanks! look forward your response, Best.

The plugin Sortable RG - Drag & Drop / element Reorder RG threw the following error: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (please report this to the plugin author)

Hey @antonio5

After saving Your RG, to Data Base, You must make “Reset Order”, this action will rebuild order of items to that was saved in DB


Hope that helps

Regards Pavel, EazyCode Team !

you’re off on this one. even with the reset action, it still resets to a random order.


Yes, it just doesn’t work.

@eazycode any update?

Hey, @quantumind

You must Make changes to a Thing => Reset reorder.

Hope it helps.

Regards Victor, EazyCode Team !

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