↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode

We have fixed the Nested example from demo page, you can now play with it :wink:
Sorry about that.

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Thanks for that. Unfortunately it looks like that functionality doesn’t match what I need.

Do you have any ETA on the ability to move items from one repeating group to another?

For example, using your “Nested RG Example” I would like to move the inner “Market 1” from the 1st (top) card and place it inside the 4th (bottom) card.

That really worked! I appreciate how much as gone into this app it makes something for me really easy.

2 Questions:

  1. I remember seeing somewhere that you would have to have a workflow to trigger saving the new order. I dont have to do that. Any idea why, or is it going to disappear sometime soon?

  2. Not huge at all, but what @Minty above me said, any potential timeline for moving from one repeating group to another of the same datatype?

Anyway, amazing work :slight_smile:

  1. The existing features will bot disappear, but I’m not really sure what you are talking about.
  2. Most likely we will not add this feature for now, we have tested it and it is too buggy because of how bubble reacts to it when saving new order. This can be done only without saving the final result in the database, but I don’t see a use case for that. Will play more with it anyway, maybe we will find a solution.

A small update for everyone else here, we have a documentation page for this plugin now, it does not cover all features but at least some basic important things.



@ezdev I found a solution for moving between repeating groups, but it uses the standard free Draggable Elements plugin. Could it be useful to look at for implementing this idea into your app?

Check it out here:

Issue with auto-save. I followed the demo page and created the workflow the same, but maybe im missing something. Would love some help. https://www.loom.com/share/aa91bcef11734c3286bdafb4877c2316

I have the same problem. I have been trying for 2 days but I am not succeeding.

@ezdev some guidance of what we’re missing would help both of us. Thank you https://www.loom.com/share/aa91bcef11734c3286bdafb4877c2316

Hi Marius,
After hours and hours I have just found out why it doesn’t work on my side. In my opinion, you must have the same problem!
You have to set up the API part of your application. Follow the instructions in the screenshot. Capture d’écran 2021-01-09 à 22.30.07

Hello @ezdev,

I am also very interested in the feature that allows you to switch from one repeating group to another with the same datatype.
Hopefully the functionality will come out soon

Still not working for me unfortunately… if you can do a quick video - I bet it would help a bunch of people.


You could send us a link to the editor (send it in pm), and we will check if everything is setup correctly

Regards, Andrew from ezcode

@ezdev Does this plugin give me the ability to simply change sorting based on values within a repeating group? For example, imagine I’m doing a calculation for each cell. The user clicks “Sort value from highest to lowest” and it would sort the RG by that value. One note is that the value would not be stored within the database since it is dynamic.

Hi, the plugin doesn’t have the feature to sort basing on value.

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Thanks for the info! I didn’t think it would have that ability, but I wanted to check just in case.

I can see that your demo now has drag and drop of items between repeating groups.

See 10 second screen record here: https://imgur.com/a/dSss395

Is this new?

And can I save that new order? Or will it get lost on each page refresh?

I have a calendar made from a repeating group, each cell is a day of the calendar.

Inside each day I have another repeating group that displays some photos. I want users to be able to drag photos from one day to another, and have that new location saved when they refresh the page.

I’m hoping this is now possible!

Dear ezdev, I have just installed the plugin. I have been using Bubble for 2 weeks. I have read all your documentation. I have my repeating group sorting ok but struggling with saving it. What are the setup instructions? Am I supposed to just copy your demo site? Do I manually create the workflows, copying from the demo site? Which workflows, all of them? Thx for help…

The demo page contains examples for all functionality of the plugin. Find between them only that one that you need, and copy the workflows that are related to that.

However, I would suggest diving deeper into bubble development first and then play with plugins :wink:

We are testing it now and dragging between groups is possible but the save logic isn’t done yet, so we didn’t inform anyone. Good observation on that :slight_smile:
We will announce it when it will work properly.

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Hi ezdev, Can you confirm, for the ‘Save reordered list in dB’ element, do I just need the ‘Save list’ button workflow? What about the ‘ReorderRG drag ended’ workflow do I always need that? What about setting custom states? Also I feel that I should have something added to my database, right? What fields do I neeed to add to the dB? Do I need to set up the Analytics datatype, with RGorder field etc.? I want to save the reorder list of images, which is a list of images in my Thing.