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↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode

We have created a separate demo app with one example per page.

Please take a look:

  1. Initial order
    Demo page
    Demo editor

You can find other examples there, check other pages.
We will add more examples later on.

Hello ezdev,

Thank you for creating this amazing plugin. I purchase it and have been using it on my new app. I have encounter a strange issue that me and my dev team here cannot resolve after many attempts. In the video here, you’ll be able to see the bug and some backend workflow.

I look forward to your feedback and continuing our development. Thank you for your time!


Hi George,
thank you for the detailed video.
First of all, it seems that it is not related to the nested RG that you are opening /closing.
It could be that sometimes saving the new order to the database takes more time, and in the meantime you are reordering it again, so when the previous reorder is finally saved, it messes with the new order.

You can send a link to your app in PM, so I would take a closer look.

Thank you and PM sent!

Hi Sam, have you figured out how to relabel the index?

Hi there, im having an issue with my page occasionally freezing.

Ive tried everything and would love it if you can take a look at this quick video Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi, could you please send me a link to your app, I’ll take a closer look. Send it in PM

Hey, did you find a way to make the cells index numbers to change as you reorder using the drag and drop?


Hi, I just purchased your plugin, seems awesome.
I have a question.

How can I make the repeating group cell index number to change as the user reorder the repeating group?

Example: If the user moves the 1st cell to the 3rd place and then refresh the page, I want the repeating group order to be as the user left it (the 1st cell is now at the 3rd place). I would like to save this order in my database, so I guess that I would have to save the cell index number for each cell, as the user reordered it.

Note: I am using just one repeating group.


You can use the plugin included features to save the order.
See this example:

Use the initial order feature.

We can’t change the cell index, that would require to change their order in the database.
You can use the state “Order By Index” to know the new order of cells indexes.

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In my case, I am not using two repeating groups.

I want to see the new order in the same repeating group that I changed (even after refreshing the page), not reflect it in a different repeating group.

It would be great if you could provide a bubble editor with an example like that. I tried to do it guiding myself with your example but wasn’t able to get it done.

I did a simple example for you, with a single repeating group here

By default, the repeating group will remain in the same order even after refreshing the page.
If you want other users to see the new order on the same page, then you will have to save the order and use the inital order feature even if you have only 1 repeating group.

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No never did figure it out. And never got a response from @EZDev. Eventually had to give up on this plug in and request a refund.

Hi Sam.
As I was saying in a post here, you can use the state Order By Index where you can see which element where is located and what is it’s new index (say Cell index 3 is number 5 in the state, it means it’s new index is 5 now, easy).

To reset cell index we would have to change their order in the database on every change.

Hi, could you guys provide an example for a RG in a RG? I have tasks within lists. I could already drag tasks between lists using normal workflow but purchased this plugin to try and drag and swap entire lists but can’t seem to figure it out.

Hi there!
We have fixed our main demo page, there’s an example with RG in a RG, look for section called, Nested RG example. Open the app editor and see how it works from the inside.

Copied the example and love it but have now lost the ability to drag between repeating groups. Any way you could do an example for RG in a RG that also lets you to drag between RGs?

Unfortunate the plugin does not have the feature to drag between 2 RGs, only for RG in a RG.

Hi @ezdev

Is there any demos for use case when I need to add new element to the RG without losing RG order? Also need demo for deleting the item from RG (not dropping out the element, but this element has “x” icon and I want to delete it by tapping it and I want to keep the same order) and making changes to current cell (RG type is text, when I change one of the texts, it doesn’t change in reorderRG’s Reorder thing IDs)

I spent a whole day setting this up, and can’t understand how to make it working. Order is not stable when I do those actions.

The data source for my RG is not my database. I try to set all data manipulations on the front-end using “set state” and “display data in RG”. That is because I struggled to make it working when the source was database and when I used “Save order in database”

that is what I get