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↕ [Update Apr 28] - Sortable RG Drag & Drop plugin by EzCode

is there a way to sync “ReorderRG’s Reordered things IDs” with current values in RG without the draging & dropping the item?

This is very crucial for me, very painful

What do you mean by current values? If an item from RG changes its ID dynamically?

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sent you a link to my editor.

Current values are values of my Rg.
Each cell has input and i can change RG’s values by changing value in the input. Therefore, ReorderRG’s Reordered things IDs are not updated. And when I want then display Reordered things IDs in my RG (aim to remain order, but now it seems that it also doesn’t save order). it display old values

I have a database of Projects, and each Project has a database of SubProjects. I have a Project Page with list of Sub Projects. I can reorder the SubProjects in RG but cannot save the order back to the main Project so that other pages see the SubProjects in the same order. It looks like the “Save sorted DB” will only save a list of texts not a list of type “SubProject”.
Any thoughts on how to store the saved list? And then how to use it to display the RG on another page in the correct order

Hi. Been working through the plugin. I’ve got a single rg and I’m saving the order to the database.

Two issues I’ve come across.

  1. I’ve loaded up the same page in Chrome and also in Edge browser. If I re-order in the Edge brower, the Chrome page automatically updates with the new order. But if I re-order in Chrome, the Edge browser does not automatically update. Any ideas?

  2. I find that the reordering works fine for an rg with 1 column, but if I have 2 or 3 columns, occasionally the order will become disjointed with a blank entry. Here are 2 pictures showing a before and after…

You can see a blank on the 4th row down on the left.

Any ideas?

Hi. Do you have any update on these issues?

I really want to use this plugin but I’ll have to use something else if I can’t get it working. I hope you can help.


Will this feature be added? It’s very needed.
Thanks for your reply.

This!!! +100

Hi guys!
Great news, we have added this feature to our plugin!

Update v. 2.7

New feature: Plugin can now sort a list of things and publish it in the state Sorted things.

To use this feature, we have added 2 new fields in the plugin element. The fields are optional, use them only if you need this feature.

New fields

  • New State: Sorted things Items
  • New Event: Rerodered Things List is Ready

Here is an example of using this state as a data source for a repeating group:

Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 19.37.42

See demo of this feature here:

Thank you for this! I managed to build out almost all of the drag and drop features that I need with pure bubble, but will continue to explore how your plug-in may be useful for me elsewhere.

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This looks like a great plugin…thanks, Andrew! I just purchased it and I’m also interested in the nested RGs, however, it looks like that section of the demo is down again. I’m happy to just try recreating what you’ve built in the Editor, but it would be great to be able to see that on the front end of the demo also. Thanks again!

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Hey, glad that you liked the plugin.
Thank you for pointing out the demo page issue, we have fixed it.

Also we added more demo links in the plugin documentation.

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Is it possible to use the handle in nested repeating groups?
EDIT: Got it working.

Hi Andrew,

I am building a single page app that will load different Kanban boards onto the page when the board is selected. The Kanban board combines the “draggable element” plugin by JQuery and this plugin you developed. It moves elements between Pipeline, IN Progress, and Done with the JQuery plugin. Then I user your plugin to sort the elements moved in each column group. However, I am not able to get the order to be saved. Everytime I log out an user and log back in, the order may or may not be saved, or it is messed up.

I have attached a simple “replica” of the page that I am working on. Could you let me know what I need to do to get the order loaded correctly after log out and log back in?

This is an awesome plugin. I really hope that it can work for my app.


I am trying to use this feature now. When I display the “Sorted things Items” in a text element, it is working properly. However, when I try to save this list as the new data for the repeating group, it is not working properly.

Edit: it is overwriting the data correctly in the database but the repeating group is not displaying this new order correctly.

Edit2: I’m struggling to find a pattern to this issue. It seems like the repeating group is displaying the new data but offset by 1.

Here is a screenshot of my workflow:

Hello! Haven’t heard back yet regarding the issue with saving to the database. Any chance this is a known issue?

I think the problem might be that you’re caching the order? Not sure if that’s true, but something funky is happening when I try to overwrite the existing list in the DB.