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Update data from a random call

Imagine you have 50 product names, and you want two random names drawn out, and based on which one you like more, you click a button, and that name receives a vote.

I am close, however I am not sure how to use bubble to modify the “win” value (win = win + 1) for a specific product name, *when that product name was chosen at random.

say my data (namesAndNums) has 50 rows, 2 columns (name, win) all win values start at 0.

the product name appears on

my vistual element text
by using
search from namesAndNums:random item’s Name

but what would a visual element click button’s workflow look like to increment the specific product’s name win column + 1.

updating the win with the same random code updates another names win column. haha

I have also tried making the text itself clickable, and skipping the second button.
I have also tried using grouping, and input text, but alas, still stuck.

Thank you for your time.

One of the lessons on the home page addresses this

Thanks Muradamod, I did that tutorial earlier today, and that approach is exactly what I used to allow people to enter enter new product names.

However, I still have the issues with modifying data already in the database, when the name was displayed in a visual text element randomly.

The workflow for a visual element click button modifying stored data still eludes me, how can the button know which name is being referenced, when it is displayed randomly?

Can you copy the workflow or element in the forum app, or provide a screenshot

Sure, Thank you for your help.

First is a picture of what I built, second a subset of my apps data, third an example of when the app is live.

My question is what kind of workflow will allow the “this one” button to update “bondvoyage” in my app data from win = 0 to win = 1.

I think I need to group them

I am fairly confident this example will shine the light on my issue.