Update repeating group real time

I know Bubble doesn’t supports websocket, so, my ideia was to do a loop timer on my page, and then update the repeating group by calling the API again. But, how can i do this?
I tried to do a workflow to every X seconds will clear the data source, and set it again to the API, but didn’t work.

Hey @gutowlach,

Your method doesn’t work because Bubble will cache the API call response and won’t make the call again because nothing has changed on the parameters you used to make the call in the first place.

Use this method:

  1. add a dummy parameter to your API call i.e.: ?rd=XXXX

  2. in the page create a group

  3. in the datasource of your repeating group, add the group value as the value for the dummy parameter

  4. in your workflows, update the random parameter every X seconds

When the parameter is updated, the API call will be called again.

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hey @gutowlach! were you able to implement it?

Hey, i was able to solved exactly this way. Thanks a lot.

This was helpful. Thanks @jmalmeida

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