Update RG sum by changing input's value

I would like to update repeating group sum by changing the inputs field.
the logic behind this is that I have a list with the input values - for example [10, 5, 6, 8, 9, 8] the result is 46.

my problam is that when I make a change to field at the first time. it does not remove it from the list and add the another value.

for example the price is 5 and the input value is 2. in the list is 5x2=10. then I change the input value to 1 and it should remove 10 from the list and add 5, instead of it, it keeps the previous value in the list and add the new value.

There are various ways to approach this. It would be easier to suggest if more details on the rg and current flows were provided.

Explore the event “when input value changes”

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