Updating a single MySQL record over multiple pages


I’m not a developer and just learning about Bubble. This is my problem, I think I’m missing out on a basic thing.

I’m using the SQL Database connector to insert records in the database. Doing this on a single page works fine, even an update works fine. My goal is to update a single record over multiple/different pages.

So I create a record when clicking a button to go to page 2, on page 2 i would like to add additional columns in the dbase for the record I created on page 1.

My guess is that I need to pass an identifier for the record (created on page 1) to page 2 and pass it as a parameter to the Database Connector in a WHERE part of the UPDATE SQL? How can this be done?

I checked the tutorials, but didn’t find a solution there… Using ‘Things’ in bubble seems to have a different approach? Tips are reference to other material is very much appreciated.

Hi, snykers.dieter, I’m having the same problem using sql database connector, I don’t find the parameter that helps me to make changes to my database, using update. Have you already found the solution to your problem?

Like this?

Also, you might find some things easier (over the Bubble connector) using the paid plugin we built: SQL Database Connector Pro Plugin | Bubble

Thanks bent13, but I wanted free, It Is another way to use an update, delete?

The screen capture I gave you above is the solution using Bubble’s free plugin. You specify the parameters using $1 (same for delete).

Hi bent13, this parameters I understand, but is use in the mysql the following —> ?, therfore want using to update , but does not work. How described above

Hi ben13, I identified the error problem was in sql written wrong.

Thank you for your help.