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Updating an existing Record

Hi, (tried to search for this but couldn’t find the answer)

I am trying to create something with multiple pages.

Page 1 - First name, Last Name, Email
Page 2 - Yes / No questions.

When I save data from page 2 it create another row in the database instead of updating the row that was created from page 1. What is the best way to reduce the amount of noise created.

Thank you,

Store Page 1’s thing on Page 2’s data or custom states. That way when you save the changes on Page 2, you can simply ‘make changes to a thing’, select the stored thing from Page 1 and update it.

Your workflows will look like this:

  • On Page 1, on clicking ‘save’: create a thing (providing Page 1’s data) → navigate to Page 2 (send data - result of step 1)
  • On Page 2, on clicking ‘save’: make changes to a thing (select current page’s thing) and update page 2’s data to it

Hope that helps

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Hey Ranjit,

That is what I have been playing around with any trying to get to work but still not working.

I guess you are not familiar with data passing between pages. Check this demo to see if this is what you need. Click template for bubble editor.

Feel free to dm me if you got any questions.