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Updating custom state of an object in a repeating group every x second

I want to do what the topic says.
I know how to do it on objects not in a repeating group but now I want to be able to do this on an object in a cell of a repeating group.
E.i when an object in a celll´s state is set as “Active” I want the objects´ state to be update tie +1 every second. (until the object is set to (Not Active).

This is to be able to run different stop watches on every user in a repeating group. And to be able to start and stop the stop watch (state updating with +1 every second) individually for each and every cell (user).

I´ve tried ha hack for this involving updating a field on the user called “Total time”. But that makes the whole app so slow my counter get´s about half as fast as real time. Wich makes 10sec in real life 5 sec in my app. And it´s not an option to update the user field with +2 every time tom compensate.
It has to act like a real stop watch.

So I guess a solution with only conditional states being updated every second is an option. But how?

I think I do something similar in one of my apps
There, you’ll see that “Q1” references a custom state that increments as the user progresses to the next question. I think this relates to your situation because each question is its own cell (I show a repeating group with a fixed size of 1). If this relates to what you’re trying to achieve, I can go into more detail about how I accomplished it. A big part of it is making sure the custom state is on the appropriate element.

did you ever figure this out?

Nope. Still problem with the the timer pausing for other workflows.
Could be solved with running a timer on every item(user) in the list and the handle it with custom states but you can’t update a state on a item in a repeating group with the “Update every 1 second”-workflow.
Wich leaves me with running the update workflow on a item outside of the repeating group and trying to capture and pull that value to a user in the repeating group. But this is pausing the update workflow. So I´m pretty stuck in this.

Any suggestions anyone?

@Scott I think the problem here is that the “Update every X second” combined with “Set state” doesn´t seem be available for items in a repeating group.
Why is that @emmanuel? I can set a custom state on an item in a repeating group with other workflows. But the workflow “Update every X second” doesn´t seam to work.