Updating Data Entry with Checkbox Input Form


I have a datatype called “Profile”. One of the fields in the “Profile” datatype is “specialties”, which is a list of option set specialties.

Because the option set has 12 distinct options, I would prefer for the user to select each option via a checkbox rather than selecting them through a drop down. Pls see the attached image for what I mean.

The issue I’m having is that when I try to update the Current User’s “Dietitian Profile” “Specialty” field, the checkbox method doesn’t work because the field is an list of option set. Is there a way to show the individual options as items the user can check off rather than as a drop down? Maybe if the specialty field was just a list of texts that might work, but eventually I want to be able to filter by multiple specialties so not sure if a list of texts is the best method.

Thank you.

Hi there, @antonia.hyman… one way you could go is to use the option set as the data source of a repeating group, and add a checkbox to the repeating group. When a checkbox is checked, add the current cell’s thing to a custom state list (which is tied to the option set), and when the continue button is clicked, set the user’s specialties list to the custom state’s value.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. Very helpful.