Updating Data with Thunkable Web API

Hey everyone! I’m hoping to find someone familiar with Thunkable as I’m trying to update bubble data through an API post on the Thunkable Builder.

If anyone has experience doing this I’d appreciate if you’d let me know how it works. I’ve tried testing the api endpoint and letting it autodetect but it splits out every character of my post into a new line with the ability to choose the data type. I’ve run another test doing the same thing through Zapier which detects the information correctly but I’d rather not run this all through zapier as that could rack up a pretty hefty bill.

You can do it by creating a Backend workflow in Bubble to receive the POST and make a change to thing in Bubble.

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Hi thank you for the response! Would you happen to have an example of how to structure this on both ends, Thunkable and Bubble? I’ve gotten the backend workflow set up and it’s receiving the POST but Bubble isn’t interpreting it the way I think it should which makes me think I’ve got something set incorrectly in Thunkable.

@justin12 Some Web API Tools like Text Separator Proweblook Text Separator and Proweblook Duplicate Line Remover can help you with the challenge you are facing.