Use Thing from previous step as input

Brand new to bubble… I am building a page with 3 states where each state shows/hides appropriate form. State 0 is creates user, state 1 creates corporation, state 2 creates a store. I can’t figure out on how to use Corporation as an input in state 2 (when creating a store). Both Corporation and Store are data types where Corporation is a field on the Store data type. Any help is appreciated!

In your workflow steps (creating store at step 3) do this
Corporation = Result of Step 1…

The corporation was created in a previous workflow - there is no option to select Result of…

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 18.46.01

Can you try this

Corporation = Do a search for > Corporation’s last item > field (select field e.g. name)'s value

you can save the corporation to a custom state after you create so you can use it in yoir next workflow


Yes, save it as a state on the page.

Make sure you have some sort of status of “Draft” on there so you are not picking up things half created.

If you want to be fancy, on page load if this user already has a thing in “Draft” you can show a “do you want to continue with xxxxx.” message and pick up where you left off by setting the state again.


Thank you! that worked

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Much appreciated! That’s a great idea