Upload limit 50MB


I need to upload videos to my application, but the 50MB limit is not working for me. I’ve searched for similar posts, but I can’t seem to find a solution I actually understand how to implement.

Basically I (not my users) need to upload videos in the database that are larger than 50MB.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

Are you using Box? Or the standard Bubble storage?

The standard Bubble storage.

Can you tell me what Box is (pretty new to bubble) :sweat_smile:

There is no 50Mb limit on the file uploader if you’re using standard Bubble storage (only if you’re using Box for storage)…

You can upload files up to 5Gb using standard Bubble storage Input Forms - Bubble Docs

Box is an external storage solution that has a native integration with Bubble (via a Bubble-built plugin)… beyond that, I can’t tell you anything (I’ve never used it), but you can read about it on their website if it’s something you’re interested in. Cloud Storage - Online File and Photo Storage - Box.

But in any case, you can set the maximum file upload size to anything up to 5Gb in the file uploader editor if you’re using the standard Bubble storage.

@adamhholmes , I totally get how to top the limit for the file uploader, because I can see the field.

What I don’t get is how can I do the same when I’m trying to upload a video in the database as an admin.

Ah, I see… I misunderstood your question…

I wasn’t aware of any file size limit for uploading filed in the data tab…

But the obvious workaround is not to use the data tab to upload the files… use a file uploader on a page instead.

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Got it, @adamhholmes . I thought about that as well, but hoped I won’t end up doing it this way.

Thanks a lot!