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Pb with date format while uploadinf a cvs file

I was trying the import/export csv tool today but i got a little pb.
I use the exported file as a model but when i try to import it again i couldn’t cause the date format created by bubble when exporting is
"Nov 27, 2015 10:00 am

It contains a “,” that is used as a a data delimiter…

What are your advices do make it more effective ? I mean, should transform the cvs and use the tab as a data delimiter for examples.

Thanks for your help

The best approach here is to use another delimiter indeed. I recommend the pipe |, if you can, as it’s usually not used anywhere else.

Ok, thanks Emmanuel.

I try yo use the tab as a delimiter but now the data is invalid format

What is teh screenshot supposed to show?

it was the wrong image, now it’s the good one…

Will try, with only one line of datas.

Well, bubble is sometimes not reactive, the back office doesn’t reflect the real timestate of the database, datas appears 1 or 2 minutes after :fconfused:
it’s confusing because sometimes i don’t know if it’s a bug or just the database that is not updated.

If you have doubts with DB uploads, refresh the editor, that’s the safest way to see if it happened.

We do that.
For example, now, i can see i just data in the preview and the state of database in the back office not the same.
We have to wait a few minutes.