How can I reference a collection of images from an Image Element?


I worked out how to upload a bunch of images to the File manager using a multifile upload tool.

But I can’t see how I can reference these file names within the dynamic image field inside an image element:

Is this currently possible in Bubble without the use of paid plugins?

@leotreasure - either put the Image B in a Group with the same Data Type as the images, ie Data Type “Pictures”. The “Current User” will be replaced with “Current Picture” or whatever the Data Type your images are in.
Alternatively, in your picture above, “Do a search for” and choose the Data Type (ie “Picture”) plus whatever criteria. With this approach you don’t need to put Image B in a Group of Data Type “Pictures” (or whatever it is)

Hope both approaches make sense

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Hi @nikolai

Thanks for your help with this. I have tried both of your ideas and I think it will work if I upload the images one by one, but it’s going to be very slow for me to upload the amount of images I want to have so I have been using the Multifile Uploader plugin to successfully upload many images, but it seems they do not get associated with any Data Type.

I created a new Data Type:
RandomPicture - and a field called pic (Image, multiple)

Is there any way to get the image files I uploaded using the Multifile uploader into this newly created Data Type field?

Hi @leotreasure - it’s been awhile since I’ve used the Multifile Uploader but I remember having this issue too. I solved it in a “not-ideal” way; I limited the upload to 10 pics at a time. I then had a workflow that started when Multifile Uploader input changed. In the workflow, I had 10 steps (plus a Reset Data step). Here’s the workflow:

The reason for “Original Picture” is because I cropped the pictures and needed an original copy in-case the User didn’t want to use the cropped photo (which is stored in “Picture”)

If I were to do this again, I’d probably try using the “List of Numbers” element in the Toolbox plugin, perhaps with API workflow. This would allow users to upload n-number of pictures and I wouldn’t need to have the “:item#1”, “:item#2”, etc steps in the workflow (“List of Numbers” would be used for looping n-times, each loop would be a Create New action for a respective picture)

Make sense?

Hi @nikolai

Thanks for sharing this. Just to give some context on what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to upload a bank of images that all users will be able to choose from.

I was able to get the first and last item of the multifile uploader images into the list but couldn’t get any images in between using item #, items until # or items from #.

I then tried this but no images were added:

(The pic field is a list of images inside the RandomPicture type)

I also tried a list of files instead of images but no luck there either.

Do you know how to use the “List of Numbers” element to reference the multifile upload element?

Hi @leotreasure - for using List of Numbers, check out this example from @NigelG’s Building on Bubble site. His example should have enough info to help you create your pic uploader.

Question: You wrote above “I’m trying to upload a bank of images that all users will be able to choose from.” Do you want to directly upload files to the database? If so, then this example may be useful (also on Building on Bubble site) as well as this discussion thread on bulk uploading. Might take a little experimenting to achieve what you’re looking for.

Hi @nikolai

I couldn’t work out how to apply the list of numbers or bulk upload to the multiupload workflow.

I couldn’t find anything helpful in the discussion and I’ve tried a lot of combinations but I’m just pulling my hair out now.

Yes, however I struggled with the workflow as my images don’t have any url.

I’m giving up at this point as what I’m trying to do seems like a simple thing that requires a very complex workaround. Thanks for your efforts anyway.

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