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Uploading user data

For a reason that is too long to explain, I had to download some userdata from my live data and then upload it to my development data and then use the “Copy and restore database” functionality to push the development data to the live site. I have now just realized that this doesn’t allow the user to log in. Any new user that has created their login credentials through the UX of the live site have no problem logging in but any user that is in that upload dataset now get thrown and “INVALID_LOGIN_CREDENTIALS” error.

Is this something I did wrong in the upload or is this just not doable?

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When I copy User table contents from Test to Live - the logins work in Live, and I’d guess that same the other way. (but I haven’t done it but no reason to assume it wouldn’t work the same way) ie I believe under the covers Bubble also copies the hashed passwords of the users.

Maybe do a simple experiment with just one user going from Live to Test?

Thanks for this.
Now that you say this, I realized I was dumb and that I didn’t/should’ve copied from live to test and then from test to live but for whatever reason I didn’t think about doing that. I did a csv export from live instead and then uploaded that to the dev database and then pushed from dev to live

Thinking about it, if this doesn’t work, copying users from Live to Test - that would be operational nightmare for the diagnosis of issues.

I’m sure I would not have had a problem if I just did it that way instead of my dumb workaround of csv export.

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