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Uploading XML Data to Display in Bubble App


I am looking to upload data from a non-Bubble website to a Bubble website via an XML feed. Has anyone found a guide, able to offer some clear steps, or done this previously? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hey Tyler,

Update: Check the post below, using the Bubble API connector plugin it is fairly easy to get data from an RSS-feed.

If it is a one time thing, you can use Excel to import the XML file , clean up the data and save it to CSV. After that you can import the CSV into Bubble.

If it is something you want do to on a regular basis, with / you can use a RSS feed import or request to get the data (or alternative option based on the specs of the feed), use the XML to JSON node to convert it, clean it up and then send it to a Bubble (Data or Workflow) API.

It seems Google Sheets might be an alternative.

Let me know if you need some help.

Hey Tyler,

It seems using the Bubble API connector plugin is a good option. I played around with it and it works well.

As an example I used the RSS feed of a Dutch news website, RSS-feed =

This is what I did to get the items from the feed and save them:

  1. Create a data type “News Item” with the following fields:


  1. Create a get request / API using the Bubble API connector:

Note: set the “Use as” to Action and “Data type” to XML.

  1. Initialize the call and select which data you want to use and click Save:

  1. Create a simple page with a button to trigger the workflow (for test now, later you can create and schedule a backend workflow to do a daily or hourly run).

  1. Create a workflow (triggered by the button) which utilizes the API (created at step 2):

  1. Create a new backend workflow to create news items (activate backend workflow through Settings - tab API):

  1. Now go back to the workflow created at step 5 and add the following action:

  1. Finished!!

Click the button and new articles should appear in the data type News Item:

Note: In order to prevent retrieving or saving the same data twice, you might want to have look at the specs of the RSS feed if it is possible to filter (or use conditions in Bubble to f.i. check wether a guid already exists and if so, do not save the new news item).

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