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Upwork Bubble freelancer warning

I can’t see Upwork doing much about this (apparently I need to prove I own, so thought it was worth warning potential Upwork clients that there are several scam profiles advertising Bubble skills using false profiles.

Apparently, he has build three sites in Bubble.

Myself, @levon and @DennisF may have something to say about that :slight_smile:

Here is the real William he is, in fact, Jeremy who works for a Church in Ohio.


There are other profiles that follow the same pattern.


Thanks for sharing. What a prick.


can you share profile link?

I think we need something like an apply for developer, then get multiple certificates depending on developer skills.

(Something similar to if someone post project that needs “javascript”; for apply to that project as freelancer you need javascript certificate from

I think there should be in another way, but something similar.


Bet this guy had his identity stolen just like your work…

Should see if you can get on virtual meeting about some “work” and see what he has to say…



Oh yes, I very much doubt Jeremy knows anything about this, and his picture was just pinched for the fake profile.


Hahaha and here I am about to create an up work profile.


I created a freelancer one for interest, and after 5 revisions still can’t get it approved as a Bubble freelancer !

Apparently there are too many of them already. Hmmmm :slight_smile:




:joy::joy::joy::joy: k that was a good one

Upwork has always been a toilet, perfectly evidenced by:

incredible! how did you stumble upon him?
did you try the flag option? (See screenshot)
or if you could share the link i’ll try to do that, my profile is approved :slight_smile: although i don’t like upwork either

If this

is part of Upwork’s approval process, how did William M, AKA AKA Jeremy Cooper’s profile ever get approved to begin with? :thinking: Seems to me someone there isn’t doing what they advertise they are doing. :rage:

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That’s crazy! I hope no one’s been scammed by this person :worried:

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We also tried to signup as an Upwork Expert… but if you don’t enter the classical programming skills you’re not accepted :frowning:

Therefore, we think it’s time for an own thing: Launch - We want to make it easy to find Bubble Freelancers!


Yes, but that seems like the wrong way to do it. Come in with one set of skills and then focus on Bubble. Although it clearly works !

“William” is still going. Despite me flagging him.


can you share a link to his profile I’ll flag him too?

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Thanks. Have finally badgered Upwork into doing something. Profile now gone.

7 Likes screens all their freelancers. However, they are super expensive, but you know exactly what your getting. I don’t think they support bubble though.