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Urgent Help Required- Website Not Opening in UAE

Hi - We’re experiencing an issue. We published our website with the domain name and it was working fine for the first day. Then it stopped working only in UAE while it was still accessible outside the UAE.

We reached the telecom operators and respective government bodies and as per their advice (to abide by the law), we changed the domain name to But still, the website with the new domain name is inaccessible in UAE and accessible outside the UAE.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

What a professional response :rofl:

It is law here in UAE, we just came to know recently.

Are you serious? So .com websites can’t be reached from UAE at all?

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Try contacting Bubble support.
[email protected]

@artemzheg it might be to legally operate as a business serving UAE clients.

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@subhanali.softengg have you contacted the domain name provider? Could be because DNS changes haven’t been propagated in that region, specially since you changed the domain from .com to .ae. It can take longer than usual sometimes for DNS changes to take full effect in different regions.

We experienced same with 2 of website for newly transferred domain