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Custom Domain not working


I recently changed my domain to a and its not working.

When i try to search for the website it says: 403 Forbidden - cloudflare.

Anyone has idea what am i possibily doing wrong? Or could it be bubble´s bug/error? The previous domain was similiar to this one and was working. It was also .

Hi there @tecnologia,

Which registar are you using?

Have you checked out the documentation on Bubble Manual?

Hello @johnny, thank you for your response!

We are using I´ve already checked the bubble manual but we cant resolve the problem. Apparently we have everything setted up.

We followed this steps, but still going wrong. What´s the difference between this

and this


Thank you again.

There’s no real difference because the CNAME bubble has points back to the same required IPs. Not sure on the issue, maybe it’s Cloudflare needing a sec to clear the old domain?

We´ve changed the domain last friday… I already send an email to Bubble Support. Thank you anyways.

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