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Just wondering if anyone is getting the same error. Is this normal behaviour? Is it a bug? It definitely doesn’t seem normal. I published a new version of my website to live and when I visited the website I got this message, which is the same used in DEV.

“We just updated this page. Please refresh the page to get the latest version. You will not be able to use the app until you refresh.”

When you deploy a new version to production you get this message about ten times, you click on it, it reloads the page and it just keeps showing again and again until it finally stops showing after reloading the page ten times.

It’s as if the deployment is still going on and that’s why its showing the message again and again. If that is true I understand it should show the message after deployment has ended, right? If not the end user is just going to reload the page 10 times like I did. Very frustrating…

I know deployments to live should always be when there is hardly any traffic, but sometimes you sill have some users, especially if your website or business is getting traffic from all over the world.


Hi there, @mangooly… there was a similar thread recently, and in the second post, it is mentioned that Bubble has acknowledged it’s a bug…

Probably couldn’t hurt to submit your own bug report, though.


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Thanks @mikeloc. Will open a bug asap.

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