URGENT: users disappeared in test-version

Hi @emmanuel,

This is the second time it happens to us, ALL users from version-test got wiped out overnight. We cannot find from where it is coming from in the logs.

We do NOT have any user associated workflow that could be responsible for this. Please help! We plan to move to production in Jan18.

Related APP: We just have one app on this account

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Maybe a bug report can be the wise decision here.

Agreed, definitely should file a bug report. www.bubble.is/bug_report

This happend to me yesterday too!

Did you get any answer from support. That really turns me off using bubble

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Did you file a bug report? We need this to look into your situation. Also, keep in mind Bubble has version control, so you can revert your data if needed.

I do it now @emmanuel. Thanks for the follow up

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