URL forwarding for shorter URLs

Our app has pages generated automatically on oururl.com/opp
Pages our built using an auto assigned number that’s generated when a new thing is created, I.e. 1234
So the page for the thing would be oururl.com/opp/1234
No issues.

But, part of our program has us doing direct mail, so we want to keep the URL short and don’t want to have prospects have to type more than they need to. We would like to somehow be able to forward oururl.com/opp/1234 to simply oururl.com/1234.

Is this possible? We are okay manually setting this up each time, but obviously preferable if there was an automated solution.

Interesting question.

You could add an action on the 404 page to take the path segments as a list and then figure out to which page you could redirect the user.

If you go to https://nocode-to-knowcode.bubbleapps.io/version-test/1234 it actually lands on the 404 page then redirects to this forum post.

If you put https://nocode-to-knowcode.bubbleapps.io/version-test/verge it will take you somewhere else :man_dancing:.

If none of the above, it stays.

I’ve got no idea if you could end up breaking something. You would have to handle any page conflict and it could become spaghetti in the future.

The saner way, might be to create an empty page like oururl.com/u that does the same thing.

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Thanks for this!

Yeah, I think creating a new page is easier and then having it autoforward to the relevant “real” page. Do you know how to setup this forwarding? I know how to do a redirect with html, but not sure if it’s different in bubble.

Thanks again!

I guess I could add it as a 301 redirect in the settings. But thinking there might be a way to do it on the page.