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Help creating an URL Shortener App

Help creating an URL Shortener App

I’m creating an URL shortener/redirection app through bubble. Users will share the shortened URL through social media and it will pass metatags and snippets with each redirection. It will redirect based on the alias entered after the domain name.

alias: test

However, bubble doesn’t allow you to set a slug off the index and only allows this on a page level. In this example, the only URL that we could set a slug on would be a page (example page: redirect):

I tried adding workflows to the 404 page to catch all aliases and redirect them (which worked except for the error response code received when I test on the facebook sharing debugger because it’s an error page)

Is there a way to do this on bubble? Or is there a way to update the domain records so all traffic to the site uses the page “redirect” and the alias slugs, but displays this page as its root level?


Like many modern web applications, bubble uses parameters rather than static URLs for dynamic content.

This is still great for passing data across with your URL, so whist you wont have a link ‘’ as per your example, you can have ‘’

I can’t see how that solves the problem, maybe you could elaborate. If the shortened URL is wouldn’t this be captured by the 404 page if the page doesn’t exist when a user enters in a browser? How do you create dynamic content off the index page?

The dynamic content is created by a workflow that looks at the parameter in the URL and effectively uses it to search, or filter your data, similar to a repeating group.

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