Url parameter for GET query with webhook

Hello !

i saw in this post [New Feature] Ability to read parameters in the URL for API workflow endpoints we can catch an url parameter.

But the service I’m using uses GET method, and the querystring checkbox disappears when we select POST :confused:


ping @josh how to solve this ?

Normally, GET method always send data in url, so you should consider this automatically set.

hello @Jici and thanks for helping again.

what I’m trying to achieve :

I’m using an external service to send sms. They provide a place to set up a whebook url to send response to sent sms. They use the GET method.

Here how I set up the webhook url :

But how do I get the “agence” parameter from url in my WF ?

If they send a GET request, without a body, that should work. Normally, they shouldn’t send GET request with a body, only url parameters. Do you have example of what the API send?

I just know fields they send, I dont have the full url.

What is strange is that when I inialize (their side) the webhook call with my extra param (?agence=123), I got something in Bubble (I m creating a “log” entry)

But when there is a bounced that trigger the webhook, I have nothing in Bubble. If I do the same, but with removing my extra param, I got something from the bounce (a log entry)

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