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URL redirect breaks Facebook login

Hi, it’s nice that now redirects to but this broke the facebook login to the app, since Facebook was expecting the request to come from the former URL

did this break all sites using Facebook login with a non-private domain name? (and maybe Google and PInterest etc. too)

Yes, (we mentioned that on the announcement on the forum). As soon as you change that you’ll be fine.

not sure if it is my error there - I see the respective fb app wasn’t published, however I could login to it and then I couldn’t (when url changed)

I changed my website url at that fb app settings and it now works (at least for my account, probably have to “publish” the app for others to use social login too, thought I had)

You were probably in sandbox mode?

funny thing is I can’t find in FB’s developer pages for my app where I press Publish

found it:

don’t even need to submit for approval, has the email permission pre-approved there. Can somebody try logging in to it with Facebook now to see if it works? (if it doesn’t then probably I need to use “Start a Submission” and wait for approval [though I think that is for more advanced permissions], not just toggle the Yes/No switch at the top as I just did)

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an issue I now have (this is more of related to how Facebook works) is that the Facebook login doesn’t work when we host the app in an IFRAME (we use a phone-like mask around the app when shown on the desktop and show it in a popup as you can see if you press Try the app at

have found some workarounds on the net for Facebook logins and IFRAME (e.g., but they look too complex and not sure how your fb login is implemented anyway

not sure if any single-page app wrappers for mobiles use IFRAME which would also have this issue, guess they just use a WebView and show the site URL in there directly