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Use a custom domain on Stripe Checkout

You can now choose to use a custom domain with Stripe Checkout and your Bubble app. This means you can send your customers to (or whatever subdomain you want to use) when they are transacting on your app instead of the default Note that this costs $10/month on the Stripe side.

In order to get a custom domain working, you’ll want to follow the steps listed in Stripe’s documentation, namely:

  1. Adding your domain to the Stripe Dashboard
  2. Creating DNS records to point at Stripe
  3. Verifying your DNS setup
  4. Setting your domain as active

On the Bubble side, the Bubble-created official Stripe Plugin supports this feature, so once you’ve set things up on the Stripe and the DNS side, they’ll work in your app as well as long as you are using Checkout v3 within the plugin. The following actions will be affected:

  • Charge the current user
  • Subscribe the user to a plan
  • Collect the user’s CC information

I’m so excited about this change!


This is super cool!

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Very nice, thank you!

Does this mean we can build our own custom checkout pages instead of sending folks to a default Stripe checkout? :slight_smile:

@laura.oppenheimer are you guys going to expand this feature set and allow subdomains on apps for other usages?

Hi! This actually isn’t us allowing a subdomain - it’s Stripe via their side of things. No plans right now to allow subdomains on Bubble apps, but definitely noted that it’s a request.

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It does not :slight_smile: But it does allow you to brand your Stripe Checkout page a little more to match your app’s branding and create a more cohesive experience.

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Works for me – Sounds like a good step forward :slight_smile:

@laura.oppenheimer thanks for leading this feature.

A quick to implement feature request related to the Stripe plugin. On the seller registration action, could add the option to choose the account type (custom, express or standard). Here is the documentation link.

Could you tell me a little more about the use case here? I’d love to understand more about what you’re trying to do. Thanks.

We would like to register our sellers using as an express account instead of custom account.
The Express account enables our platform to manage payout schedules, customize the flow of funds, and control branding. Stripe will handle onboarding, account management, and identity verification for our platform.

The implementation should be as simple as adding a dropdown to select the account time (custom, express, or standard).

Here is a quick mock-up
Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 9.27.32 AM


Hey, @laura.oppenheimer.

Thanks for this great feature.

Prefilling the promotion code field in the “Subscribe the user to a plan” action inside the Stripe Checkout would also be great so that the user does not have to enter the promotion code manually. It’s like having the email prefilled with the user’s email. However, today we can check the “Apply promotion codes” checkbox but not prefill it

Today we have to “Apply a coupon to the user’s subscription” after “Subscribe the user to a plan”, meaning that the user’s first payment would be without the promotion code.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: :computer:

Great work, Bubble team!

Wondering if there has been any progress on activating Buy Now Pay Later options in the Stripe plugin i.e. Klarna, Affirm, etc.

Hi Sarabeth - not as part of this update. But you could definitely submit an idea on our Ideaboard to share it with the community and see if others are interested.

Hi Laura,
I’m heading down the path of converting to a Native App. Will stripe checkout work within a Native App or will I have to do something different?

Without knowing more about what you’re trying to do, it’s hard to say. I’d recommend writing into our success team with any specific questions if you run into issues.

Hey, @laura.oppenheimer.

Applying a Stripe coupon by default on the checkout would be awesome because the “Apply coupon” action can only apply a coupon on an existing subscription.