Use an app as Master and propagate changes to Workers


In my company we have a bubble app running in a given domain .co using French as our primary language. We’re thinking of translating the whole app in Spanish as we can see some possible market and were wondering what could be the best approach to take.

On one hand we want two separate databases, one for french speaking users and other for spanish ones, thus it would make sense to have two different apps with two different DBs and each one pointed at by a different domain name.

But on the other hand, this would for sure create some friction in the long term because every new single bit of functionality would need to be replicated in both platforms, most likely causing inconsistencies. In this case it would make sense to use instead a localization plugin in a single app and just let users choose the language or change it based on the user agent. But this would disable the DB separation, mixing all users of all languages in a single DB.

Is there any way to have two separate bubble apps (and thus separate DBs) and push changes to both automatically asuming they are at the same state always?

Thank you.

I have worked in some projects to include a dual language option. In my opinion is not a good idea you split the core or the database. You have some approaches that you can add fields in your database that you can identify each instance.
Bubble have some features that help to speed the process to transform your project in multi language.