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Use case / ideas are welcome :)

Hello all, i’have been working a lot on a job board like app.
I wanted to share with you how i set up the app, and maybe you could help where 'im struggling now.
The app is basically a job board where admin can create jobs offers, users can apply.
I created a dashboard where admin can bulk download applications from a job offer (with a .zip plug in), each files (resume and cover letter are renamed by their applicants.

Here is the tricky part :

  • I’m using wasaby cloud for people to upload their attachement files
  • I’m using a plug in to zip files and bulk download resume and cover letter linked to an offer

Right now, i’m facing the issue that privacy rules with wasabi are hard to set up and not sure it will satisfied my needs… Question for you guys is :

on the process I described above, do you see any other way to share and bulk download files linked to an offer (with a link or a .zip) AND the ability to rename a file when users download their resume.

I’ve been working a lot on this one, i’m sure there are other interisting way to do it but … i can’t think about it.

As per your information, we can have about 300 applicants that applies, so i need something confortable from the admin view to view and check applicant documents. thanks !!!

Hey @Alter345 :wave:

Thanks for the post and great question! Job boards are a popular use case on the forum so I’m hopeful some other users can chime in on how they’ve tackled similar problems.

My initial thought would be why download the PDFs into a zip? Could you build a slick review / display process right into your app to make it quick and easy to move through applicants one by one and review them? This would definitely solve the problem.

In terms of Wasabi, we’re limited in the support we can provide since they’re a 3rd party integration. But, I would suggest renaming the resume / cover letter on upload to speed up the download process. It’s definitely possible to download and zip files from Wasabi using a separate zip plugin (I’ve seen it done) but I can’t say I’ve seen it done at this sort of magnitude. Potentially 600 files if resume and cover letter are separate.

Anyways, I might recommend looking into handling this in app if that’s at all possible. Otherwise, I’d recommend reaching out to the Zeroqode for support on how to build the functionality you’re looking to create with Wasabi.

And as always, you’re more than welcome to email us directly with any additional questions at [email protected].

Many many thanks for your reply !!

Do you have any example in mind to display and review one by one applicants ? I can think of an RG with one line per applicants and resumes / cover letter. However, if i do this way, admin will have to click every time on each file and i guess, if i have 200 applicants its not efficient. Thing is, when admin download resume and cover letter he must send it to the linked company by email (i dont want the company to get access to the bubble app.

The HUGE problem i’m facing with bubble and why i’m trying to use wasabi is because when i download a resume from bubble upload input (a resume that an user has submitted), i can’t rename files with let’s say (name from the applicant) i searched many forum thread and it seems undoable … So when admin download files on a .zip, file’s name are bad. I tried make changes with S3 and files name but it seems the name of the file does not want to be changed. If you can help me on this point … that would solve my problem ^^thank s!

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